Kamiorigami isn't just an online shop: it's the story of a passion for this delicate art, which can give shape to fantasies one fold after another. And passions are to be shared, when they give joy.

Are you looking for some easy origami to start having fun and free your imagination with paper? Here we are in our origami tutorial area, where you can download free instructions for making your own origami step by step.

Bufo bufo

Folding paper as a hobby, as an art, as part of a transformation process, and why not, as a way to have fun with kids too: origami for kids can be a creative pastime for young and old. Download the pdf to make your own origami frog: it could be a starting point for great leaps of skill!



The second free tutorial for origami that I propose is the owl, animal symbol of wisdom as well as commonly referred to as a good luck charm. Why? It symbolizes understanding, clairvoyance and, last but not least, knowledge. Follow the instructions to make your lucky totem pole with an extra gear: thanks to the origami paper you choose, it will be more than personalized.


Send us a photo of the result to info@kamiorigami.com and we'll post it on the site!