"I am convinced that origami is the secret of peace in the world because when we use our hands to fold paper, we don't think about destruction." 

– Akira Yoshizawa

I've been thinking about destruction, or rather self-destruction, for the first 30 years of my life.

Then, I realized that only through transformation could i find myself, and happiness.

And so, transforming myself, in a difficult day i met origami. I folded the first butterfly and never stopped. I haven't found the secret to world peace unfortunately, but I have found my peace.

Art of transformation

In this peace i realized that i wanted to give infinite possibilities to the paper because it's always a right time to fail again, to fail better, as Beckett said.

All my creations are born from this natural process of metamorphosis: unique miniature pieces to wear or suggestive lamps, bouquets of colorful flowers and paintings to decorate a corner of the house with originality and poetry.

I don't like static and i'm constantly studying new shapes and applications, so even the collections you'll find on the site will be constantly evolving.

The ancient Japanese Art of paper folding has also brought me close to the world of children. Thanks to origami, I play with them, I teach and learn lightness through workshops in schools, bookstores or directly at home.

Dreams come true

This site, and this project, exist thanks to many people who support me and help me every day and to the obstinacy of an almost forty years old Sicilian woman who has not yet stopped dreaming hard, and believing.

For any information, request, curiosity or collaboration, contact me.

Good transformation to all.

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